In a guidance session, I listen to your consciousness. I listen to the subtle flow of energy that moves through you, and sense the places in your body where realignment is needed. I gently and consistently facilitate communication to realign your mind and body with consciousness so healing can occur. In a healed state, your vibratory presence increases and consciousness expands.

In a guidance session you will learn to connect more deeply with your body, increase your vibratory presence, and walk in the world with more consciousness. You will receive practices to sustain an energetically contained, clear, and grounded way of being as you move through your daily life.

These daily practices will help you to sustain a neutral mind, and to create the optimal energetic conditions to enhance your receptivity to consciousness.

Unified with consciousness you enact a new way of being, allowing you to transform thought, the energetic and cellular composition of the body, and your material reality.


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