Change the Storyline

The mind can have great power over the body. The stories we tell, over and over again in our minds, have a significant effect on our experience of well-being. These stories create flow within us, or they create tension. They create ease in our lives, or a form of resistance.

If we tell these stories long enough, they become “automatic.” They become a part of our unconscious replay, the voice in our head that we no longer consciously hear.

To stop our storytelling, we have to become aware of what we are saying to ourselves and others. Once we gain more awareness of our mind’s activity, we can say “No” to the old story and replace it with a new one.

It took time for the old story to become a recording in your mind, so it will take time for a new story to become your automatic. We weaken the old story and strengthen the new one. This requires awareness, self-discipline and a strong desire to change.

The mind gains comfort from telling the same story. In the mind’s view, where there is comfort, there is safety. Knowing this, we understand that the act of changing a storyline might cause us to feel uncomfortable and afraid. Be gentle with yourself.

Why would you make an effort to change a storyline you hold on to so fiercely?

If you love the personality of “You” that has been shaped in this lifetime, you will want him or her to experience the inner peace and freedom of a clear mind.

If you love your body, you will want to free it from the restrictive mental-emotional patterns that diminish your health and well being.

If you love your soul, you will want to make choices that support it to evolve.

You can choose to be immersed in reality instead of illusion, living in the present instead of the past, and experiencing the freedom of telling a story that you choose. Not a story that controls you.

Change the storyline in your mind and you will begin to see your external reality transform itself.

Photograph by Noel Lopez

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