There is a difference between feeling full and feeling nourished.

We can fill up our day with activity and feel a sense of accomplishment or fullness, but at the end of the day we may still feel that we are lacking the kind of deep nourishment our soul yearns for.

So often we seek the externalization of life purpose before we learn to sustain deep nourishment in our lives. An ego directed life can lead us to accomplishment and the attainment of power and success, yet in the long-term this direction can end up being physically depleting instead of soul-nourishing.

Soul nourishment is something we can choose to create for ourselves. We begin with ways to slow down our mind and calm the ego. We practice stillness and engage in self-reflection. We connect with ourselves more deeply to discover what we need to let go of, as well as what we need to bring in to nourish us.

What used to fill me in the past is very different from what fills me now. I am most nourished when I am making deeper connections within myself, with other people, and in nature. I feel nourished by stillness, quiet, listening, and connecting with the higher wisdom of the Universe.

I experience soul nourishment when I walk in the woods, listening to the sounds of nature, tuning-in to the senses of my body, and connecting with the vibration of the place.

When I sit in the presence of another, we share our experiences, our understanding of the deeper meaning of life events – we support and nourish each other. We nourish the healing and transformation of our soul.

Soul nourishment relies upon our ability to support ourselves, and to receive support. We seek out guides, healers and mentors, those who can meet us on this deeply spiritual path. We bring sacred ritual into our days, to help us remember who we are, and to honor our divine connection to all of life.

A soul nourishing experience has a lasting effect, providing a memory and feeling we carry forward and build upon. It’s an experience that offers meaning and deep fulfillment, enhances our lives, and expands our desire to live more in the mystery.

As soul nourishment expands within us, we sustain a depth of connection within our being which heightens our creativity, fuels our life purpose, and fosters perpetual joy.

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