At a young age I discovered that I had a very unusual view of life, different than most of my peers. This caused me to feel like I didn’t fit in. It was the beginning of hiding my true soul expression. 

As a teenager, I began to notice that sometimes the messages streaming from my mind were different from my usual thoughts. Over the years, these messages increased in number and I became more comfortable with this mysterious part of me.


I graduated college with a degree in Business, and started a company at the age of 28. Although I was viewed as a success according to society standards, I felt that I was living an untrue life. Similar to how I felt when I was younger, I yearned for a deeper connection, not only with other people and with nature, but to myself, and to something bigger that I did not yet understand.


In 1995, a series of profound experiences dramatically changed the course of my life. These transformative events initiated a 20 year period devoted to stillness, deep inner-exploration, and powerful healing processes, practices that would significantly alter my perception of life.

One year later, I sold my company and became a consultant in the holistic health field. I worked with Master Yoga Academy, The Chopra Center, The Guild for Structural Integration, The Body Talk Organization, Five Branches University, and many other leaders in the field. Years later, my work expanded into providing guidance to healing practitioners.

Working in the holistic health field allowed me to train in several healing modalities, and to become a writer, specializing in writing articles on natural health and fitness for magazines and online publications.

During this transformative time, I immersed myself in the study of spiritual traditions, indigenous culture, natural healing, and practices to increase self-awareness. I learned to take better care of my body, and to live more simply and sustainably in care for the earth. I began connecting more deeply with myself, revealing layer by layer the truth of my existence.


I started having a greater awareness that the world was participating in my life. At the time, I didn’t recognize this participation as Consciousness, Spirit, or a Universal power. I was intrigued by this awareness and wanted to understand the deeper meaning of life.

Healers and spiritual teachers were recognizing my heightened sensitivity, empathic abilities, and direct-line to consciousness, not as traits that I should hide, but as powerful gifts that I could develop.

Over time, my discomfort with my unusual qualities transformed into a deeper knowing of myself, and an acceptance of my true nature and the capacity I had to be a healer.


I began offering guidance to individuals, facilitating communication with consciousness with the intention to expand awareness and enhance healing. I published articles online to create awareness of a new way of being – living simply and naturally, taking better care of our bodies, and connecting more deeply with ourselves.

Five years later, I discovered my ability to hear the consciousness of animals in the same way that I could hear the consciousness of humans. I began offering animal communication to assist dogs, cats, and horses (and a few other species) to deliver messages to their human companions.


Over many years I relied upon guides and healers to help me understand the subtle responses of my body, and the thoughts and feelings that surfaced as I uncovered truth. They provided emotional and physical support as I was healing, and guided me to discover my true wisdom. I now live with tremendous gratitude for these individuals who greatly impacted my life, and to those who encouraged me to offer my unique work in the world.

I continue to provide guidance to both humans and animals, and write articles on living with presence. I feel deeply honored to participate in a being’s soul journey. My deeper connection with the consciousness of life brings me profound healing and great joy.

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