Our being, the blending of physical form and energetic essence, is highly intelligent, a part of a much larger organism, what we call the Universe. As part of this greater organism, we exist within the laws of nature, and the cycles and patterns of life, death and rebirth.

These natural rhythms of life are an inherent part of our composition. We breathe, our blood flows, our heart beats, we grow and evolve; consciousness orchestrates all of our movement.

We are aware of this movement, we understand this as life. Yet we have access to more, to a greater understanding, a larger perspective, an infinite experience not limited by the human mind, physical laws, science, or our history.

This level of greater understanding only comes about when we let go, open-up, know nothing, and dissolve all we believe. In this state of higher consciousness, we find truth, wisdom, perfection, and the expansion which leads us further into the mystery.

We don’t work to become more conscious, instead we learn how to open-up so consciousness can expand within our field.

As we open to higher consciousness it becomes easier for our body to resolve physical imbalances. Our body self-heals more efficiently and our life energy flows with less effort. We become more at ease with life.

Awareness, stillness and deep listening are the tools we use to engage with consciousness. Eventually, as we become more skilled, accessing this higher part of ourselves becomes more natural. We begin to remember the highly advanced intelligence we have within us. We remember that it has always been a part of our human magnificence.

Opening to higher consciousness allows the Universe to communicate with us more fluidly, aligning us with the effects of manifestation and synchronicity, and the embodiment of the perfection of the Divine.

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