I have had the honor and privilege of working with Lana for a number of years now. I use those specific words ‘honor and privilege’ because Lana is an unusually gifted guide and teacher. She fiercely lives a life that is committed to growing in conscious awareness as her priority over everything else. That has created an integrity of being that allows her a clarity that is truly remarkable.

I have studied, read, listened to, worked with, and sung for dozens of teachers and visionaries over the last 50 years. In that lifetime of experience, I have not met anyone quite like Lana Lensman. She has the rare ability to meet me WHEREVER I am in the moment and reflect back to me valuable insight that allows me to see more clearly…to become more aware and conscious.

If you are truly desiring to journey more deeply into your self-awareness, I would not hesitate to recommend Lana. She has assisted me in the areas of relationship, career, creativity, and personal growth. Thank you Lana, for being such a gift in my life!

– SM


I tried everything, and I mean everything, and nothing worked to ease my chronic physical pain, until I met Lana. Our chance meeting was in no way by chance, and was the start of a grand healing process that Lana has skillfully guided me through with great care, compassion, and loving-kindness. Over the years, during regular sessions and through my consistent effort, I have realized the profound connection of the body and mind, and have experienced transformative changes in my body, including being pain-free.

I whole-heartedly recommend this work to anyone who is searching for “another way” to achieve health and well-being. It’s an experience that can be woven into everyday life, and a personal journey of self-discovery that is unique to each individual. I am truly thankful for Lana and the day we first met. My gratitude is beyond words.

– ED


You’re the best at what you do. You are a guide to goodness, to a better version of myself. I will always be grateful and love you for our experience together. Those feelings are inescapable. Tears glisten, feelings of love, chills down the back of my neck, it was already one of those days of loving the world, likely caused by that bowl of Cheerios with slices of bananas and my girlfriend making silly faces at me over Facetime on my Iphone this morning.

Somehow, Heart seems like it should be in whatever definition exists to describe what you do, heart healer. You heal hearts and minds. I know, I know. Heal thyself. It’s a collaboration. You collaborate with people to heal their heart. You provided space and time for me to figure out how to heal myself. The best gift I’ve received, ever. Meeting you was like winning the lottery; better, it was chance, and priceless. Thank you with tears in my eyes, thank you, thank you, thank you.

– GM


Lana is an extraordinary treasure. She has profoundly precise abilities to directly shine insightful awareness into the unconscious places.

While working with Lana as a teacher-guide-mentor, I began to notice shifts within myself. Anxieties and fears reduced greatly. I stopped using substances to “alter.” I am now able to hold the light of present awareness more readily. I am enjoying my life more fully. I can appreciate challenges or other people’s distress without excessive reactivity. I feel more peace more of the time.

Lana’s support helped me to be able to support myself more fully. Ultimately, I realize I am responsible for making lasting transformational adjustments in my life. Lana can guide you, she can share profound ways of understanding, but she does not make the shifts for you, nor does she claim to. I am profoundly grateful.



I’m grateful for Lana’s gentle but firm guidance. She walks her talk – which gives me courage to practice the skills we work on during our sessions: to listen to the subtle messages from my body, higher consciousness and my environment and ask clear questions for guidance. I now have confidence in my own skills for self-healing, completion of old resistive patterns and emotions, clearer energetic boundaries with people and a deeper connection with my life purpose. Thank you!

– AT


She is My dear angel
She is the moon in my dark night sky reflecting to me my light
Her smile warms me like lying in the afternoon sun
I have reached out from my fear and she has taken my hand in hers
with full acceptance
I have stumbled following my minds lead
and her song of the heart lifts me to my feet
Her gentle breezes move across the tall grasses of my soul
opening the seeds of spirit
Her youthful joy would make any child proud
and she and I have skipped stones together by the lakes edge
taking our turns in this simple exchange
Are we lovers ? Yes!
As the power of the ocean wave needs the shoal to break
so we provide for one another in our journeys of spirit

– PS


I am deeply grateful for our connection. I am comforted and find healing in the expression of your essence.

– LD


Thank you Lana for all of your gifts, and the love and light you bring to the world

– JW


Spoken like a true master. A visionary of our time. I am very impressed with your ability to put forth these teachings in an easy to understand yet spiritual way. Thank you.

– LL


Such a wonderful session and so very beneficial in many ways. I feel much gratitude for your wise and gentle guidance over the years.

– CC


What an incredible, powerful gift this session was. The enormity of it is still just sinking in. And will continue to, I’m sure. I know with the great blessing of all that deep information, connection and protection comes a great responsibility to follow through with the work I need to do. Joy. Empowerment. Obligation. Trust. I’m so thankful for you Lana.

– DT


Thank you for such an insightful and transformative session! I have lots of work to do, and such tools to work with to do it. A very important day in my life, a turning point.

– MM


I find your messages immensely comforting, eye-opening, awakening…. Thank you so much for them and for you.

– JR


I have owed you this for a long time… A Declaration of Gratitude. Thank you. While I do what I can, many times there are others more qualified. Thank you for all that you have done to help others.



Photograph by Phadon Pisuttiwong

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