I am devoted to the expansion of consciousness. I live each day with a strong intention for my thoughts and actions to sustain the highest vibratory presence. My desire is to expand consciousness in the moment, not only for myself but for the benefit of all beings.

I am devoted to a way of life and a way of walking on earth that sustains this conscious alignment in every way possible. I do this through acts of stillness, silence, listening, presence and the expression of truth.

When I am writing, I am listening to consciousness with the intention to share the information I receive as widely as possible. My website is the vehicle I use to create awareness of a new way of being – living with presence while honoring our reciprocal relationship with all living beings.

In my work, I guide individuals to experience the wisdom of consciousness, the higher vibratory presence of healing, and the profound capacity we have to emanate loving kindness on earth.


Lana Lensman


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