In our daily practice we deepen our awareness and knowledge, staying focused on each detail, because it is in the small details that the whole harmony may depend.

As Individuals

In guidance sessions, you will learn to connect more deeply with your body, increase your vibratory presence, and walk in the world with greater awareness, wisdom, and compassion.

You will receive practices to sustain an energetically contained, clear, and grounded way of being as you move through your daily life. These daily practices will help you to sustain a neutral mind, and to create the optimal energetic conditions to enhance your receptivity to consciousness.

If your body is in need of healing, I will gently facilitate communication to align your mind and body so healing can occur. In a healed state, your vibratory presence increases and consciousness expands.

With an aligned mind and body, you sustain a new way of being – transforming thought, the energetic and cellular composition of the body, and your material reality.

In our Relationships

Our relationships with others can be a source of our greatest joy, as well as our greatest confusion. It is through relationships that we are able to see the deeper aspects of ourselves mirrored in the reflection of others. Knowing this, we focus on bringing ourselves into more balance and harmony, understanding that our own healing is the greatest contribution we can make in our relationships.

When we understand that our relationships are the vehicle for soul advancement, we can join together with greater courage and a deeper commitment to experience what true love really means.

In the World

In our individual practice, we move beyond the trance of social conditioning to connect with the powerful wisdom of our inner-world. Deeply aware and connected, we are able to navigate the demands of modern life with greater ease, and contribute in the world in an authentic and sustainable way.


Photographs by Isaiah Bekkers (jellyfish) and Chanan Greenblatt (seagulls)

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