I guide you to connect more deeply with your body, to understand your thoughts and feelings, and to walk in the world with more consciousness. I provide practices to sustain an energetically contained and grounded way of being as you move through your daily life.

In a guidance session, I listen to your consciousness. I listen to the subtle flow of energy that moves through you and sense the places in your body where realignment is needed. I feel the energetic imbalances that exist between thought, emotion and physical form.

I gently and consistently facilitate communication to realign your mind and body with consciousness so healing can occur. In a healed state, your vibratory presence increases and consciousness expands.


Individual Sessions

Guidance sessions are highly individualized, taking into consideration what you arrived with, what you have experienced in this lifetime, and what you have consciously or unconsciously chosen to carry forward to this point in time. Sessions are one hour.

Sessions by Phone

Because airwaves are a neutral environment, working by phone is the most powerful way to receive a session. When you sit in the comfort of your own home or office, in the energy field you are most attuned to, your body feels safe. In this neutral environment, you are able to enhance the healing occurring within you.

Weekly Sessions

Guidance sessions are most effective when received on a consistent basis. This is because your body and brain function best with repetition, while consciousness establishes a rhythm of communication which allows integration to occur in a safe way. With continual sessions, your body comes to trust in the process and be more at ease with change.

What to Expect from a Session

Guidance sessions support a more refined cohesiveness in the relationship between your physical body and consciousness. Unified with consciousness, you enact a new way of being, allowing you to transform thought, the energetic and cellular composition of the body, and your material reality.

Here is what clients say they have experienced from participating in guidance sessions:

Increased self-awareness
Enhanced intuition
Healing from physical pain
More energy and vitality
More meaning to life
Less struggle
More joy

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