Living simply and naturally in deep connection with myself, others, and the earth is what I am most passionate about. I am devoted to a way of life and a way of walking in the world that sustains this deep connection in every way possible. I do this through acts of stillness, listening, and a daily practice of presence.

I write articles to create awareness of living with presence – expanding our capacity to deeply listen and sense the fullness of our reality. Becoming aware of consciousness as our living companion.

I guide individuals to listen to their innate wisdom and their truest expression, and to remember the profound capacity we have as humans to emanate loving-kindness on earth.

My Mission
To guide individuals to clear the density of the unconscious mind, and to once again listen to the intuitive senses – our highest intelligence. Responding from this intuitive sense of being we align with our creative flow to embody our purpose. We return to our most optimal state of being, the innate connection of mind and body. Using our mind and body as the vehicle to experience an elevated state of consciousness, we are able to access the power within us to live extraordinary lives.

Photographs by Justin Luebke (center) and Jasper Graetsch (right)

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