Considering the Earth

The other morning I sat to reflect upon how we can consider the needs of the earth. How can we support this beautiful earth we are in co-creation with? When we are considering our own pleasure and our own needs, are we also considering the well-being and needs of the earth?

As discussions continue about climate change, we are becoming more aware of our personal responsibility. We are being called upon to consider our direct relationship with the earth, the community we live in, and the land we cohabitate with. How are we supporting these relationships?

I believe the most important action we can take to support our relationship with the earth is to stop consuming. Get back to the basics. Refrain from buying unnecessary clothing and home décor, and gadgets we don’t really need.

If we consider that every single thing we own is made from natural resources, then every time we buy something – we are taking a little piece of the earth. We are claiming it as ours. But the important question is: What are we giving back?

We are all aware of relationships between Givers and Takers. Takers keep on taking until the givers resources are so depleted they can’t give anymore. This dynamic is great for the taker in the short term, but it won’t last long because it goes against the Universal law of nature. In a healthy reciprocal relationship, we consider the needs of both parties equally.

I could provide a long list of actions we could take to improve our personal relationship with the earth. We could reduce our automobile usage, minimize our plane travel, use less electricity and water, change to a plant-based diet, etc. But if you think about it, if we buy less, this has an impact on gas consumption and pollution (the distribution chain), and it reduces utility costs because many items require electricity or some type of fuel to be produced (think factories with equipment and lots of lighting).

If we care about this beautiful earth who is our living companion, then we will stop focusing on what others are or aren’t doing, or worrying about how climate change is going to impact our lives, and instead we will start having a personal dialogue with ourselves. We will consider the ways we can stop using nature, and instead find ways to be in harmony with nature.

Real change begins inside. We can choose to re-balance our relationship with nature and make it healthy and whole again.

When we take action towards something we value and view as important, we ignite our life force energy, expanding the vibratory presence in our body. In this expanded state, courage and inspiration emerge, creating an awakening around us that spreads throughout families, into communities, and beyond.

Photograph by Johannes Plenio

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