Engaging with Consciousness

The human impulse to evolve begins in infancy. We raise our head to look out at our environment, pull ourselves up, scoot ourselves across the floor, crawl, and then eventually walk. We are curious humans, continually seeking to learn and experience, inhabiting a brain and body designed to evolve.

As we age, our desire to evolve moves beyond meeting our basic needs. It moves beyond our innate need for survival, our physical need for comfort, and our emotional need for security. We begin to seek something more, beyond the body, our identity, or the material effects of a physical life.

Even though we may not be aware of what we are seeking – we feel it. It is a deeper yearning, one that physical comfort, social status, or enjoyment of the material cannot fill. It is a yearning that sits idle within us, until our desire becomes strong enough for an opening to occur.

Most of us can look back on our lives and remember when we experienced an opening – and heard consciousness speaking. These were moments when we knew there was something very powerful going on in our life. We knew that we were connecting with a force much bigger than we are.

Once we become aware of this powerful connection, we can choose to actively participate. Engaging with consciousness, we can move beyond the trance of social conditioning to connect with the powerful wisdom of our inner-world.

Consistent interaction with our inner-wisdom provides a natural stability for the body. As we integrate this wisdom, our body becomes more trusting and less protective. We are able to move into rhythm with consciousness more easily.

Over the years, I have noticed that a client’s ability to communicate with consciousness becomes more fluid when they have weekly guidance sessions – same time and same day each week. Often clients will have a dream prior to a session, or they will feel their body preparing the night before. This is the way the body-mind communicates to us that it is tuning-in at a deeper level.

I often suggest that during the week, clients continue to explore the messages delivered in a session. Through exploration, we sustain focus, we understand the messages we receive more deeply, and we make the necessary connections in the body to enhance growth and healing.

Staying in the flow from one session to the next allows the wisdom we receive to build upon itself, creating new neural pathways in the brain, and new physical responses in the body.

We engage with consciousness by acknowledging our dreams, our repetitive thought patterns, our subtle emotional or energetic responses, and the physical reactions of our body. We also acknowledge how the world is responding to us, and what messages it is delivering. Acknowledging these forms of communication leads us to whatever it is that needs our attention in the present moment.

Relying upon a strong practice of presence, we experience less distraction in our lives. We have more space to listen, be still, acknowledge our body’s messages, and to reflect and go deeper.

As we become more present, we are faced with an important choice. Will we focus our valuable time on the acquiring of experiences that provide us with some form of comfort or pleasure? Or will we use our time to enhance our wisdom, heal our body, and advance in our evolution?

Photograph by Mourad Saadi

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