Our Advanced Human Capacity

A great misunderstanding has led us away from our highly advanced human capacity. At some level, every one of us feels it. Yet instead of deeply exploring this feeling within ourselves to understand what it is trying to tell us – we have externalized the feeling –leading us to continually reenact the experience that something is missing, and that we do not have enough.

You can see the result of this collective misunderstanding in our society: mass consumption, an extreme focus on identity, and an emphasis on achievement. This has resulted in competition and separation, based on a feeling of lack.

We keep trying to fill-up through material pursuits but we are missing the point. No matter how much we achieve, experience or consume, we will never feel filled-up by the external, because the lack we feel is coming from inside of us.

If we direct our focus to the internal, we will find what this powerful feeling is attempting to communicate. Our spirit wants to reconnect our body with the advanced navigational capacity we have forgotten – so that we can understand that what we are lacking is our awareness of our true power, and the experience of who we really are.

What caused this great misunderstanding?

At some point in our past, we received two incorrect messages: One says that our brain directs the body; and the second says that wisdom comes from outside of us. But what if we learned that we can access greater wisdom directly through a connection to our own consciousness? What if we learned that our spirit uses our physical body as a navigational vehicle to access this wisdom?

Not fully understanding our advanced human capacity affects our self-worth, our physical well-being, and our sense of wholeness. Whatever we believe about ourselves, and what we are capable of, defines and limits our lives.

Yet with a new awareness we can direct our attention to learn how our advanced human capacity is not being fully utilized. We can make connections within our body-mind that will lead us beyond knowledge… into a deeper truth.

We begin by creating more stillness in our lives so that we have the time to develop a greater understanding of our advanced human capacity. The more we experience this higher level of awareness, the more purpose we feel in our lives.

Yet it is not enough to access our advanced capacity only when we are meditating or sitting in stillness. We must go even further by taking conscious action to change our continual state of being. We need to get our body involved in “experiencing” instead of just using our mind to think about the potential of what we can do.

Through the act of experiencing ourselves differently, we recreate our human story in a way that changes how we relate with other beings, and how we sustain our lives on earth. When we are able to put aside all that we presently believe and become more receptive to this new story, we experience another reality.

As we experience this new way of being, we make deeper connections within our body, activating our innate self-healing mechanisms. Our natural instincts and deep intuitive memory participate in our lives more consistently and with less effort. We find that we are moving out of a feeling of lack, and into an experience of wholeness.

As we regain these powerful aspects of ourselves, we return to the innate wisdom that we were born with. As we reawaken the memory of our advanced human capacity, we experience a new consciousness.

Photograph by Perchek Industrie

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