The Desire to Evolve

There is one thing needed on the planet now, it is for humans to have the desire to evolve.

Without the desire to evolve, to advance in consciousness or to reside at a higher state, humans will continue to deplete the resources of the earth, and to harm themselves and others through their beliefs, thoughts and actions.

I am not sure what is needed to create the stimulus to spark this desire. How do we create the opening for ourselves and others?

Maybe Mother Nature is doing it for us.

Without a desire for something greater we will continue to hold a limited view of life. We will persist in finding temporary ways to soothe our feelings of unhappiness. The collective is doing this now through the addiction to substances, food, pleasure seeking, entertainment, shopping, and seeking excess in just about everything.

Addictions are strongly wired in the mind and body. Once established, they create a chemistry that is difficult to change. Without a strong desire to evolve, the collective chemistry we are creating, moment by moment, will continue to impact our future.

Desire is the catalyst for change; it is the emotional spark that ignites action. If lasting, the desire to evolve can thought by thought, and choice by choice, create a different outcome – until one day we discover we have shaped a totally new reality.

How do we find our innate desire to evolve, the desire that has been buried under our conditioning, our trauma, and the mental/emotional repetitive patterns controlling us?

We stop. We do the opposite of what we normally do. We feel. We grieve the loss of our true selves. We make deeper connections to support new understanding. We remember who we are. We begin again.

We remember why we are here and what we came to earth to learn. We remember the advanced human capacity we have long forgotten. We wake up the innate desire within us to evolve.

Walking side by side with this newly found desire, we move beyond our feelings of unhappiness that consume all of our attention. We shift out of our life-limiting behaviors. We gain a more expansive view of life.

From this higher state, we see what we are creating, the patterns we are perpetuating, and how these patterns affect our present day living.

We find the feeling of happiness – in the desire to evolve. We find the feeling of accomplishment, in the actions we take to pursue this desire.

We might not know exactly what it is we are seeking – except that our desire to evolve, to seek something greater, to step into the unknown – is our greatest contribution in this lifetime.

Photograph by Tobias Tullius

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