Be Silent and Humble

We are now in a powerful earth cycle. Say yes to this transformational energy, but don’t go all in. Walk slow and steady. Be mindful of your actions.

Be aware of what is coming into your field and understand why it is there. Observe your mind “thinking it knows” as it tries to direct and control your experience.

This is a time for the mind to become receptive, and to surrender the ego. Don’t engage carelessly or with full abandon. Maintain your connection between soul and body. Do your energetic practice consistently. Be vigilant in both awareness and containment.

Be silent and humble.

These transformational energies deserve great respect. If you stay focused and listen to the subtle responses of your body, you will avoid a big event. If your ego mind takes control and you do too much too fast, you will create overload for your body.

This is a time that requires stillness, deep listening and continuity in practice. If you pause to understand what you are thinking and feeling in the moment, you can avoid going round and round, repeating a pattern instead of revealing it.

We have a lot to gain from these transformational energies. We can interact with them and transform in ways our mind can’t imagine.

In this lifetime, we have never experienced energy of this nature. There is a great capacity for healing, to shine a light on karmic replays, and the opportunity to understand why you are here.

Be silent and humble.

Photograph by Caleb Russell

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