Sustaining Alignment

If you are concerned about maintaining good health, your energetic field is where you begin. If you are out of alignment energetically, no healthy diet, supplements, stress-relief or exercise will heal you. This is because the present energetic drain on the body will counteract the efforts you make.

Sustaining alignment requires consistent awareness of subtle changes within your energetic field. Changes to your energetic field can result from earth fluctuations, environmental influences, and/or a spiritual evolutionary process occurring within you.

To sustain alignment, you rely upon a support system that functions in this way:

Your energy field supports your body.
Your body supports your spirit.
Your spirit supports Consciousness.

When we fully understand the design of the human form, this is a simple process. It becomes complex when there are multiple factors presently causing misalignment in the body.

With awareness of your energy field you can adapt or re-adjust to any environmental influence, or choose to completely remove your body from a situation to avoid energetic overload. Ideally, you want to maintain a continual gentle flow of energy moving through your body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Once this is created, and then maintained, it is easy to sustain alignment.

Photograph by Andi Whiskey

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