True Prosperity

The way we earn and spend money greatly impacts our quality of life. We can have an honest and healthy relationship with money or we can relate to it in a dysfunctional way. Our interactions with money can dominate our thinking and greatly influence our contribution in the world.

Most of us fear not having enough money or losing the money we do have. This fear causes the never-ending cycle of striving for more. Overtime, this focus on accumulating instead of regenerating, impacts our health, our mental well-being, our relationships, and our pursuit of holistic life-sustainability.

When it comes to making, spending or saving money, many of us compromise our soul-purpose and values. If we are unaware of what we are contributing to; our financial choices can exploit others, deplete the environment, or support something that we are not in alignment with.

We can choose to be in relationship with money in a more conscious way. We can use money ethically, spending every dollar we make with the intention to align the flow of our money with our truth, our values and our vision.

As we take action to embrace a healthier relationship with money, we realize that true prosperity is not the value of our bank accounts or our acquisitions – it is our total wealth: our inner-wisdom, our peace-of mind, our health, our creativity, and our contribution in the world.

When we feel that we have enough, our feeling of prosperity expands. We appreciate what we currently have and we hold sacred all that we have gained. Eventually, we become less concerned about what we are getting and more concerned about living in balance and harmony with the natural world and with one another.

Photograph by Menglong Bao

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