Being Exposed

It appears that we are hiding in our homes waiting for this pandemic to subside, but in actuality, we are coming out into the open. This experience is bringing to the surface what has been hidden. It is shining a light on our culture’s extreme consumption patterns, neglect of the elderly, judgment and separation, and lack of respect for the sacredness of human life.

It is exposing our inability to be still and alone in a room with ourselves. It is showing us how our present way of living is harming the planet. We are seeing more clearly what is not working, what we need to let go of, and how we need to change.

Many of us find it uncomfortable to face the truth. We find it difficult to watch the reality that is playing out in our global environment. We want to return to our old way of being as quickly as possible, to our normal way of life, to the things that bring us a sense of familiar comfort.

This is a time for transformation. There is a powerful life force energy moving us forward into a new reality. If we try to hold on to the old way of being, we will be met with great resistance.

In this new reality, our heart leads, not our mind. We care for our body. We consider the needs of others. We restore the earth. We support our soul’s evolution.

Transformation has momentum, and once we are in its wave, it is difficult to go backwards. Resisting this energy, might delay the outcome, but it will be an arduous journey.

The best thing we can do at this time is to stay open, let go, and allow this transformational energy to move through our lives. Let it clear away your old patterns, wash away what is not working, and prepare you for a better way of life.

Speak to the greater consciousness of life. State out loud that you are a willing participant “I am here. I am listening. What do you want me to know? How can I serve you?”

This transformation is highly personal. Become intimate with it. Understand why it is here for you. What wants to be revealed? What needs to be exposed?

Embody presence. Listen deeply. Observe carefully. Acknowledge its message. Feel.

This is the most potent time to engage with your soul and to participate with the consciousness of life. Your soul chose to be here at this time. It signed up for this experience. Knowing this, rise to the occasion with the utmost love in your heart.

Photograph by Armand Khoury

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