Our Essential Soul

We need more time.

We need time to further explore how we have been living. Are we clear about what is essential in our lives? Do we understand why we rely on non-essential items for our happiness? What are the non-essential items we seek and why do we feel that we need them?

We can begin our exploration of what is essential by noticing what we surround ourselves with. What have we accumulated that has no purpose or meaning? Why are we attached to these items?

Beyond our environment, we can take this exploration even further by examining our use of time. How much time do we devote to essential activities? How much time is left? Are we contributing in ways that are essential?

Exploring what is essential brings us closer to the heart of nature, to balance and sustainability, and to a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we have been living.

Letting go of the non-essential, opens us to a deeper experience of our Essential Soul.

Beyond the physical essentials we seek, are the essential needs of our soul. It is our soul that awakens a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. It is our soul that leads us beyond a crisis, into transformation.

A crisis causes us to pause and rethink our choices. It provides us with the time to take action in a different way. Beyond the isolation, confusion and discomfort we feel, is our soul calling us to change. If we allow enough time to engage deeply with our soul’s message, we can emerge from this crisis – awakened.

The momentum for change is here. With awareness, we can ride the momentum to create a better way of life. We can make choices that will bring our global family together. We can take action to restore our precious earth.

If we all come together, recognizing our shared responsibility, and take action in a way that reflects the best for all, we can create a global wave of transformation.

From a place of deep soul engagement, we can reconstruct a new world, one in which we honor the sacredness of every living being on this planet.

Photograph by Todd Turner

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