Living in a Spiritual Way

We come into this lifetime as a spirit embodied in physical form. Our desire to be spiritual, is our inner wisdom guiding us back to this truth.

Through a spiritual practice, we bring more awareness of this embodiment into our daily lives. This awareness leads us to the exploration of the deepest values and meaning in which to live.

A spiritual practice often leads to an experience of connectedness within a greater, immaterial reality. This deeper feeling of connection becomes the substance of our practice, and a source of inspiration and orientation in our lives.

Our choices to live in a spiritual way may include:

Following a specific religion, philosophy, or spiritual teaching as a life practice
The desire to study and learn about spiritual concepts
Meditation, prayer or contemplation each day
A physical movement practice such as yoga, qigong or tai chi
A desire to live in harmony with nature in a simple and natural way
An ongoing practice of awareness to advance one’s consciousness
Receiving guidance and support from healers and spiritual mentors
A strong desire to be kind, compassionate and of service to others

Our desire to live in a spiritual way often leads to making physical adjustments in our lives. We may choose to minimize our possessions and live more simply. We may change our daily schedule so we can devote more time to our spiritual practice. These significant life changes do not happen overnight. They occur over a period of time through a diligent focus on our lives.

As we move away from an external focus on our physical reality into a focus on our internal world, our orientation of life changes. Our intentions for life movement (the action we initiate) consider not only our physical well-being but also the expansion of our spiritual self.

Through a spiritual practice, we seek mastery – actively pursuing to transform the limiting beliefs and thought patterns which separate us from the wisdom of our consciousness. We participate in our advancement, making deeper connections within ourselves that reveal the truth of our present moment experiences.

And ultimately we surrender, knowing that everything we experience is the animation of the oneness, the perfect manifestation of the divine source which gives us life.

Photograph by Ganapathy Kumar

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