The Divine Flow of Life

How do we gently flow throughout our daily lives?

All we need is a willingness, the capacity to let go, an unrelenting desire to stay open to the divine flow of life.

The divine flow of life is a current we unite with, a force we empower, an essence we dance with, one we call to us and fully embrace.

This current is present throughout all of nature, in the ebb and flow of life’s water, the cycles of the moon, the pulsing and stillness of birth, growth and death.

We embody this flow in the expansion and contraction of our breath, in the rhythm of our pulse, and the beating of our heart.

In the rhythms of night and day, we sleep, and then we awaken. We move in the world, and we are still. We express ourselves, and we become silent. We grow and expand, and there are times when we are dormant.

The slower natural rhythms of life: our breath, the movement of the sun across the sky slowly fading light into darkness, the cycles of the moon- are a force we can rely upon to calm and ground us.

Flowing throughout our daily lives, we practice “curious surrender.” We greet every experience with open arms, observe what is unfolding, explore the details – with the desire to understand who we are. Through this practice, we become more open and responsive, fully trusting the divine flow of life to gently carry us.

In the slower rhythm of this flow, our experience is deeply present and intentional. Moving beyond our active thinking mind, we remember the higher consciousness of life that permeates our being and all of nature.

We see ourselves as beautiful and sacred as nature itself. We move throughout our lives with greater ease, in union and in love with the divine flow of life.

Photograph by Kyle Head

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