Refining your Daily Practice

As earth energies accelerate it becomes necessary to strengthen our daily practice. The intention of our practice is to keep our energetic field clear so that energy flows throughout our body without obstruction.

When we find obstruction in our field that disrupts the energetic flow in our body, we want to explore it so that we can clear it, so we do not have to experience build-up in our field.

If our daily practice is inconsistent, these obstructions build-up causing us to experience “overload.” Overload shows up in our lives in the following ways:

1. Externalizing: We look out at the world, focusing on what we believe is wrong outside of us instead of looking at what is happening inside of us. We blame others, making them responsible for our discomfort

2. Mental confusion: our mind is racing in every direction in an attempt to defend itself

3. Lingering sadness or frustration, depression, anxiety, emotional outbursts or panic attacks

4. Physical symptoms that are unexplainable as our body braces and contracts to protect us

5. An increased desire to numb or distract from what we are feeling, we may overindulgence in the use of substances such as food, drink or drugs, or stay so busy we have no time to feel

6. We deny our own healing. We run to the aide of others, focusing our attention on healing them instead of ourselves

7. We attempt to convince others of how well we are doing, exaggerating a false experience

To avoid overload, we want to keep our energetic field clear throughout the day. We want to track the signals we are receiving from our body and write them down in a notebook so we can explore them when we have the time. We want to pay attention to the repetitive thoughts streaming through our mind and the associated feelings or sensations we are experiencing.

It is important to make time each day to explore the signals we have tracked. What is our body attempting to communicate? How is our consciousness directing us? Through this exploration, we make valuable connections and gain a deeper understanding about how we are responding to life.

A lengthened experience of overload may cause our body to temporarily go into protection-mode. This is the body’s natural defense system that protects us from reliving past experiences of trauma. We want to work slowly and gently within this protective state, and not try to bypass it. Attempting to bypass it results in over-protection, increased contraction, and less flow. Over-protection is a vulnerable state that often requires support.

Once we are able to understand and clear the obstruction in our energy field, the next step is to retrain our mind. We work with our mind to diminish the non-beneficial thought patterns. We replace the old thought patterns with a new level of communication. As we continue to participate with consciousness, we make deeper connections to our brain, emotions, physical body, and energetic self, experiencing integration and a return to wholeness.

A refined daily practice enables our brain and body to sustain a healthier, more balanced and neutral state. Through the retraining of our mind, we gain a higher perspective, and the ability to detect and clear obstructions one by one on a continual basis, minimizing struggle and creating more ease in living.

Photograph by Soroush Karimi

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