The Embodiment of your Spirit

At the point in time when our spirit agrees to come to earth, we choose a physical body as our home. Mother Earth is our first destination, and the physical body of our human mother, the second. Once fully formed within the womb, our physical body becomes the permanent home for our spirit in this lifetime.

The fulfillment of our agreement to reside on earth depends upon a conscious commitment for our spirit to be fully embodied within our physical form, and for our body to energetically claim the space we reside in. This is the most powerful commitment we can make in this lifetime.

In a perfect world, our physical body, spirit, and consciousness work together to support us to effectively navigate our lives on earth. When operating our lives from this state of perfection –wholeness and integration is our innate way of being.

Yet at some point in history, a majority of the human race forgot the wisdom of our perfect world. For whatever reason, we lost our remembrance of our connection to infinite Universal intelligence, and the power and wisdom of our spirit residing in human physical form. For many of us residing on earth today – this has resulted in a loss of the innate integration of our spirit, body and consciousness.

The first sign of a loss of innate integration is a separation that occurs between our spirit and body, most often related to the experience of physical or emotional trauma. This separation causes a distortion in communication between our consciousness and body.

This distortion affects our innate ability to listen to our body, understand our feelings, rely upon our intuition to guide us, and tune-in to the infinite intelligence that is available to all living beings. It alters our capacity for making deeper connections within ourselves, and our physical environment.

When our spirit has resided outside of our body for a long period of time, it forgets its natural state, and begins to reside more comfortably in the imbalance. Overtime, this imbalance can cause unexplainable physical symptoms that impact our health and well-being.

With awareness we can learn how to sense the separation of our spirit and support it to fully return to our body – back to its inherent state. At the beginning of this practice, we may not be able to sense our spirit, but with time it will feel more natural.

When our spirit is fully embodied, our communication channels are clear and aligned, and our energetic field can more easily support and protect us. This perfect state enhances our ability to connect more deeply with ourselves and the world around us. As a result, we naturally claim the energetic space we reside in.

Through the process of regaining our wholeness, the integration of our spirit, body, and consciousness, we can fully engage in oneness with our life again.

Photograph by Etienne Bosiger

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