The Power of Self-Healing

For over 200 days per year, I witness people healing. I listen to their consciousness as it delivers wisdom to their mind and body. I watch their body respond to this consciousness and make instantaneous change.

The healing capacity of the body is powerful. When we support the body to do what it needs to do without interference, healing is instantaneous.

My view of healing is very different from a Western Medicine perspective and what most people have learned. I believe the body is always in a state of healing, working to maintain balance within the various levels for the purpose of our evolvement. Some people evolve through an unhealthy body, others may have a healthy body but receive their growth and learning in other ways.

Through a healing-process we learn to move beyond the diagnosis of illness to gain understanding of the deeper meaning of the imbalance, to embrace the wisdom of the healing itself, and to discover the healing capacity of surrender and acceptance of what is.

Consciousness directs healing, not the mind. Our mind operates based on memory and learned repetitive behavior whereas consciousness accesses higher wisdom, the part of us that knows truth: past, present and future. In the absence of consciousness, we end up with our mind attempting to control how we believe our body should heal.

When I work with a new client, I know within minutes whether they have the capacity to move beyond their pre-conceived notions of how healing will occur. If a client is not open, their mind immediately interferes, either wanting to tell me the past story of how their body doesn’t heal, or limiting (based upon established beliefs) how their body will heal in the future.

It is easy for our mind to get tangled up with our ego, wanting to make others aware of how much we know, or placing too much importance on our past story. When there is an opportunity to move beyond the limited mind, to access the healing capacity of the body, the ego says, “I know how this will go.”

It is like pressing the on-button of the previously taped recording, setting off the same series of thought and action, sending us down the same old road, one that is not able to access the power of our present healing capacity. If I could wave a magic wand I would remove the on-button of the recording so the only choice one has is to remain in an open state, providing the willingness to create change.

In the past few years, my work has changed dramatically. Why is this? It has changed because the energetic vibrations of the planet have changed. Technology is a great physically manifested example of this vibrational change. Look at how small, fast and efficient communication devices have become in the past ten years. Our bodies have the same capacity for advancement, if only we could move beyond our limited ideas of how this new vibration can benefit us.

Through the power of awareness, intention, and the openness to hear the wisdom of our own consciousness, self-healing is possible, and more powerful than ever before.

Photograph by Barbara Montavon

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