The Value of Transition Time

As we advance in consciousness, we may find ourselves at a point in time where we know the way we have lived in the past is no longer working, we know that change is eminent, yet we stand still.

Most likely it is fear that keeps us from taking the next step. Fear of the unknown, fear of whether we will be able to do it, whether we will be strong enough, or have the support we need.

We yearn to move forward, yet we also feel our fear holding us back. This dynamic creates a temporary space of immobility – the inability to repeat past behaviors or to move into new ones.

This temporary space of transition is exactly the experience we need. It is a waiting period, when the old residual energy is in the process of moving out, as the new consciousness is beginning to settle within us.

Transition time often follows a healing process. It allows our present stage of healing to fully integrate and come into wholeness. Once we are grounded, contained, balanced and aligned we can move forward in our lives in a more energetically efficient way.

We can use this valuable time to be still and reflect upon our past experiences to understand their deeper meaning. As well, we can use this time to explore what we want to create as we move forward in a new way.

During transition time it is beneficial to sit in stillness as often as we can. Through a practice of stillness we can support the movement of old energy through our body, and at the same time, support the expansion of the new energy within our energetic field.

Although we may be uncomfortable residing in a state of transition and want to rush through it – transition time allows us to reset, free our mind, nourish our body, and get the rest we need before we move forward again.

If we immerse ourselves into this powerful space of transition, we can move through our healing stage more gently, and into a new state of being with less effort.

Photograph by Eric Muhr

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