The Small Mind

When we let go of the small mind, we gain access to the greater Universal mind.

The small mind likes to accumulate data. It gathers information, comes to a conclusion, and then carries that knowledge forward as if it is the final truth. This happens because the small mind relies upon a program built on memory of past experience.

The small mind looks out at the world and thinks it knows how things should be, it decides what it likes and doesn’t like. It determines what is right and wrong. It even thinks it knows what is best for humanity.

Yet the small mind is limited. It evolves from a limited sequence of events experienced in this lifetime. This is a short period of time in which to gather knowledge, to gain a larger perspective, and to determine what is true.

The small mind’s purpose in the moment is to observe its environment and bring forward any relevant data, using memory to recollect past experience. Its main reason for doing this is survival, to protect us, and to help us avoid a potential threat that may occur in the future.

The small mind is protective, it likes to be in control, and it’s not very trusting. Yet we can train the small mind to relinquish control, and to be more receptive to the infinite wisdom of the Universal mind.

The Universal mind is the grand library of data that has recorded every creation. It is an infinite source of wisdom that is continually expanding truth. It is the data bank of Consciousness.

Each lifetime we enter offers us the opportunity to expand our consciousness, to enhance our future lifetimes. Once the small mind understands this, it will begin to work in harmony with the Universal mind instead of resist against it.

In the past, there have only been a rare few that have been awake enough to access the infinite wisdom of the Universal mind.

This is changing.

As information spreads across the globe, humans are becoming more knowledgeable. Easy access to information, available anywhere at any time, is expanding the small mind. The more we gain new information, the more we retrain the small mind to move beyond its present limitation.

At first it may seem that the data we are gathering is senseless, yet as the small mind becomes more receptive to receiving new information, its capacity to access the Universal mind grows.

As we begin to understand the small mind, its physical purpose as well as its capacity for expansion, we become more selective of the information we choose to feed it. Do we really want to feed the small mind with entertainment gossip, or stories of conflict, trauma and violence? Or do we want to feed the small mind with information that will expand its access to the infinite intelligence of the Universe?

At some point in our evolution, we slow down the amount of incoming data. We move beyond the information gathering stage to establish a more direct route to the Universal mind.

As the capacity of the small mind grows. It becomes more aware, responsive and intelligent. In participation with the Universal mind, the small mind becomes the vehicle to help us navigate life with more consciousness.

Photograph by Puria Berenji

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