Present Moment Awareness

The present moment is the most powerful place to reside. We have the opportunity to respond quickly and to create instantaneous change.

With present moment awareness, we can stop a non-beneficial thought in action. We can replace an old thought with a new one. We can shift into a new way of being.

We don’t let the power of the moment pass us by. We are present to receive the wisdom being offered. This wisdom comes through as information we hear from another, or in our own minds. It can be a subtle response of our nervous system, an emotional feeling that surfaces, or a physical sensation. It can be something we see or sense in our environment that gets our attention.

Most of us are too distracted to receive information when it presents itself. We lose our attention too quickly. Our awareness is not focused and precise. Yet being present is a skill that can be learned. When we free ourselves from past stories that are not relevant to our present experience; we can bring past thought into alignment with present truth.

When I am residing in a state of presence, I am tuning in with all of my senses. I listen, feel, and pay attention to what is happening within me and around me. I am a neutral observer. My thoughts are not thinking about past events or carrying me into the future. My thoughts are solely relevant to now.

I find it helpful to write down the information that I receive so I can track it. Tracking is a powerful practice that creates a trail to follow, one that leads us to deeper understanding.

There have been times when I have tracked a particular thread of information for several weeks. I continue tracking until I put the pieces together and see the accumulated experiences from a larger perspective. When this occurs, I step into the truly profound nature of what it means to be a conscious human living on earth. I experience the interconnection of all things and how the world is participating in my life.

When we realize the power we have in the present moment, our focus turns to our ability to transform.
With present moment awareness, we are co-creators with the Universe. We change our response, and simultaneously impact the response of others. We do this one shift in perception at a time, one thought at a time, one action at a time. This is our advanced human capacity in motion.

As we transform thought, we create a chain-reaction. Thought that is transformed, creates new feelings. New feelings alter our physical chemistry. A new physical chemistry changes the vibration of our energetic field. When we change our vibration – we expand our consciousness.

Photograph by Mika Luoma

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