A New Way of Being

We are all being offered the opportunity to step into a new way of being. Some of us have felt this vibrational shift approaching but have not understood it. Others have had the awareness of the necessity of making this shift and have already begun to move forward in the new way.

We can see the old way of being playing out in the world. It is based on separation. It is limiting. It operates from a place of fear and control. It is a way of being that is destined to dissolve.

The new way of being is based on connection to ourselves, others, the earth and consciousness. It always considers a greater perspective. It operates from a place of trust, openness, and the ability to let go.

Individuals who have accepted this new vibrational shift, are putting their awareness on their ability to sustain the new energy in their field and expand upon it. At this point in time, desire and intention determines where an individual resides.

For those who want to sustain the new way of being, it will be important to observe where we are still stuck in the old way of being, and continually redirect ourselves towards the new way. This will require enhanced awareness, and most importantly, the desire to make the shift.

The old way of being shows up in our thoughts, in the choices we make, and in our actions. It shows up in how we relate to others and engage with our environment. The old way of being resides in a holding pattern of resistance because the earth is shifting into a new vibration, one that the old way of being can’t sustain.

Those of us afraid of letting go and shifting into the new way of being will feel this resistance within us. If not addressed, this resistance can create struggle in our lives.

At the first sign of struggle, we will know that a part of us is still stuck in the old way of being. This will be our signal to pay attention, and to choose to take action differently. We will want to acknowledge that we just responded in the old way, and then do a reversal of the old thought and action. We will want to provide our brain and body with the new response.

If our struggle expands rapidly, this is an indicator that we are experiencing a potential state of overload. If this occurs we will want to seek support from someone adept at working in the heightened vibration of the new way.

Our intention is to stay focused on keeping the new energy flowing within us. If we reside partially in the old way, and partially in the new way, we want to sustain this balance as we gently and consistently support and reinforce the new way of being.

Residing in the new way of being, we consider a higher perspective. Giving and receiving is in balance in our lives. We contribute to a fair exchange of energy based on acknowledgment and support of a being’s value. We live in a no-harm environment, with loving kindness at its foundation.

Photograph by Lina Angelov

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