The Union of Soul and Body

This time on earth is a crucial part of our evolution. We have the rare opportunity to release the density of our past and to accelerate the speed of our soul’s growth.

Looking through the lens of this higher awareness, our view of reality changes; we understand why we are here. We recognize the truth of who we are. We realize that what we experience either supports or delays our soul’s evolution.

In participation with consciousness, our earthly body can release the energetic layers and fragments of our past so our soul can evolve more efficiently. Once our soul and body unite; our evolution speeds up. As we fully partake in this awakening– the deep knowing of ourselves expands and profound healing occurs.

Time is truly “of the essence.” How we spend our time becomes the truest expression of this relationship between our body and soul.

As we fully embrace this union, we will grieve for the loss of time we have spent unaware and disconnected, immersed in the fog of past conditioning and physical attachment, unable to see the greater soul vision of our lives. Let this river of grief flow through you and be absorbed by the earth.

We don’t leave one way of being behind in pursuit of another – this is not sustainable. We find the balance between the comforts of this earthly plane, while fostering our soul’s growth. We must first meet our basic needs and nourish and nurture our body. We need a strong physical foundation to support this rapid process of evolution.

Love for our body, our soul, and the earth is the emotional foundation we need at this time. If we reject any part of ourselves, the natural movement of the earth, or the experiences of our lives (no matter how small), we are rejecting the union we yearn for.

Upon the first awareness of this rejection, the unraveling process begins .The thoughts and feelings that appear before us will lead us to the entanglements of past conditioning that keep us separate from the transformative power of this union.

One by one, we free ourselves. The more time we spend in reciprocal union with body, soul and earth, the more space there is for consciousness to engage with us. We enter a new reality, where the love of the Universe is heard, seen and felt, and ultimately absorbed into the vibration of our soul that endlessly endures.

Photograph by Ben Klea

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