The Present Moment

When I am residing in a state of presence, I am listening, I am feeling, and I am paying attention to what is happening before me. I am tuning in with all of my senses to my body and my environment.

I am a neutral observer. Why? Because my thoughts are not thinking about past events, or carrying me into the future. My thoughts are solely relevant to now.

Being present is an art form that can be learned. To become more present we go through a process of refining our mind – freeing ourselves from past stories of the mind that are no longer relevant to our present experience. Refinement brings past thought into alignment with present truth.

When we are present, we receive the most from the moment. We don’t let the power of the moment pass us by. Instead, we are available to receive the wisdom being offered.

This wisdom comes through as information we hear from another, or in our own minds. It can be a subtle response of our nervous system or body, or an emotional feeling that surfaces. It can be something we see or sense in our environment that gets our attention.

If we stay present, our mind will record this incoming data as important. If we are unable to make sense of the information in the moment, it will be available in our mind’s memory to work with later.

I find it helpful to write down the information that is coming through so that I can track it. Tracking is a powerful practice that allows us to create a trail we can follow, one that leads us to higher wisdom and deeper understanding.

I might track a particular thread of information for over a month, until I am able to put the pieces together and see the accumulated experiences from a larger perspective. When this happens, I step into the truly profound nature of what it means to be a human living on earth.

Once you have this experience, you realize the interconnection of all things and how the world is participating in your life. You realize that everything you are experiencing has meaning, and this meaning is continually being revealed in the present moment.

In the present moment is where you will find wisdom, an alignment with truth, and the fuel that will help you arrive at your greatest destination.

Photograph by Leo Roomets

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